Research and Development

Phase I

  • Piezoelectric materials testing for optimal properties, efficiency, durability and economy
  • Optimizing scale, aspect ratio, flex, strength, shaft materials and tip weighting for maximum pendulum effect
  • Designing wind-capturing tip geometry
  • Adapting existing technology for power conditioning / inversion, storage and distribution schemes

Phase II
  • Development of full scale proof-of-concept prototype

Hodges Engineering, Inc.

Since 1971, Dick Hodges has been prototyping and developing electromechanical scientific and medical devices for organizations such as Ball Aerospace, NOAA, NCAR, NASA, Boeing, Duke University, Applied Technologies, and Baseline-Mocon.


With a unique combination of innovative imagination and technical precision, his accomplishments include components of the Viking I Mars Lander, pioneering flame ionization detectors and portable gas chromatograph designs with photo ionization sensors, and solid-state sonic anemometers.

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Hodges Engineering, Inc.
P.O. Box 196
Lyons, CO 80540

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